Permanent Hiatus

Image Description: a picture of a book positioned diagonally towards the camera. In between the first page of the book and the white leather cover, is a white rose with the front cover resting on top of the white rose.

My original wish for this blog was to serve as a platform for my business and to promote Australian Authors via Book Reviews and Author Events, however, my mental health problems have started to make reviewing books difficult, coupled with the grim realisations about the business of Book Blogging. The primary and most important fact is that Book Blogging is a completely over-saturated market and, I found that I was asking myself more and more often “What do I bring to the table?” and, as I’ve hit a reading slump, I feel as though the answer to that question is “Not Much”.

I also don’t read enough books to keep up with the top people in the Book Blogging and Book Vlogging community. I’m currently struggling to read twenty books per year, so I’ll probably never be able to read over a hundred books per year, which appears to be the standard from some of the top Australian Book Bloggers. It’s not a judgement of those Bloggers who can do that, it’s just an acknowledgement that I can’t, especially since my little enterprise is mostly self-funded.

So, I’ve transferred my blog-posts over to my personal blog and I’ve decided to shut down this blog for now, or at least until I can come up with a better business plan, however, I will leave links for my personal blog Ambiguous Pieces and the J.P. Kyle’s Literary Services Tumblr Blog, so if you want to keep reading my posts, you can find them over there. Thank you for your time.

Tumblr: J.P. Kyle’s Literary Services

WordPress: Ambiguous Pieces
Tumblr: Ambiguous Pieces

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